Jobs & Economy

Hoosiers elected Todd to Congress because they wanted a new, conservative approach to economic policies that would help increase the personal incomes of all Americans. Government doesn’t create jobs, it just tends to get in the way of how small businesses operate. Todd listens to small business owners to learn what obstacles he can remove so they can create more jobs.  

Democrats want to tell investors how or where to spend their money and saddle innovators and entrepreneurs with burdensome mandates and regulations. They want government to pick the winners and losers.  Todd knows that the free market already does. And Todd has spent his time in Congress doing just that:

  • As a member of the Budget Committee, Todd worked with Chairman Paul Ryan to craft a responsible budget that would pay down the national debt and remove the uncertainty from the marketplace created by Washington’s out-of-control spending. 
  • Todd has voted on numerous occasions against burdensome and job-killing governmental regulations.   In 2013, he introduced the REINS Act, which would drastically reform the regulatory process by requiring a Congressional vote before major regulations could go into effect.

Todd voted for three free trade agreements, which expanded the marketplace for American products, especially for goods produced by our district’s farmers and manufacturers.

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