About Todd Young

As the son of a small business owner and a nurse, Todd Young says his parents taught him that if you work hard and dream big, anything is possible. Growing up in Indiana, Todd worked hard in the classroom, in sports, and he even mopped floors at the family business after school.


Serving our country.

Todd's persistence and hard work led to an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, where he graduated with honors. Then Todd accepted a commission in the Marine Corps. There, he served as an intelligence officer specializing in counter-narcotics and anti-terrorism. His service instilled a keen understanding of the very real threats facing our country.

The expertise Todd has gained distinguishes him as leader who will fight to equip our military with the tools they need to protect our nation. His final chapter with the Corps brought him closer to home, where he led recruiting efforts for Chicago and northwest Indiana. During that time, Todd attended night classes and earned his MBA with a concentration in economics from the University of Chicago. 

Succeeding professionally and personally.

Following 10 years of service and an honorable discharge as a captain - and then a short stint in Washington where he worked at the Heritage Foundation - Todd came back home to Indiana. While working as a management consultant during the day, he once again put himself through night classes to earn a law degree from Indiana University. But he graduated with more than just a diploma: He also met Jenny Tucker, the sister of a fellow law student, who soon became his wife.

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Todd and Jenny settled down in Bloomington, where they still live today with their four children. They both worked at the small law firm started by her grandfather in Paoli and saw a chance to give back to the community by offering free legal services to couples looking to adopt.

Standing for Hoosiers…small businesses... military veterans... and all Americans.

Ultimately, Todd’s desire to run for office was prompted by the devastating passage of President Obama’s stimulus in 2009 and health care plan in 2010, coupled with President Obama’s weak leadership on the world stage. With the support of thousands of Hoosiers and an unyielding commitment to protect the unborn, small businesses and gun rights, Todd swept to victory by a huge margin.  

  • In Congress, Todd fights to protect those who work hard - by helping small business owners struggling with Obamacare, by reforming welfare, and by standing up for our veterans.

  • Todd voted for the Veterans Access to Care Act to secure quality health care that was promised to our veterans.

  • At a time when our freedoms are constantly attacked, Todd Young introduced the Save American Workers (SAW) Act (H.R. 2575) to help protect working Americans' paychecks from the threat of Obamacare regulations. And he kept up the fight against Obamacare with the Fairness for American Families Act (H.R. 2668) to protect hardworking Americans from crushing mandates. The U.S. House passed both bills.

  • Todd is pro-life and supports the 2nd Amendment. He has earned a 100% score from National Right to Life and an "A" rating from the NRA.

  • He knows that with ISIS on the march and unrest across the globe, President Obama's disastrous foreign policy can no longer be ignored. That's why he supports a strong national defense - one that protects our borders, pushes back against radical terrorists, and does not back down from dictators who threaten our nation.

Watch a short video about Todd's priorities in Washington:

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